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We are there when patients
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  • Can I afford my medication?
  • What steps do I need to take to get my medication quickly?
  • How do I navigate complicated reimbursement procedures?
  • Can someone coordinate with my doctor's office?
  • How can I improve my overall health?

Our solutions are customized to each brand team we partner with, focusing on its most important priorities as they relate to engaging patients and their caregivers.

We focus on...

We work closely with our clients to customize a patient engagement program uniquely tailored to the needs of the specific treatment

Treatment initiation

Treatment initiation

Each patient receives a welcome call to introduce all the services available to them, reassure them that, at this difficult time of disease diagnosis and treatment initiation, they will get all the help they need and ensure their needs are met.

Subsequently, our care team will work diligently to ensure the patient quickly receives their life-altering therapy: Making sure all appropriate documentation is in place, liaising with a specialty pharmacy as needed, managing co-pay assistance programs for eligible patients, liaising with insurance companies for benefits investigation and verification, working with physician offices and patients to manage any step edits or prior authorizations, coordinating free drug programs, providing any available financial assistance programs, etc.

Treatment initiation


Our teams are trained to understand the underlying reasons behind treatment discontinuations, and then address those reasons with targeted interventions:

From making routine adherence calls, to offering bridge drug as needed, understanding and reporting adverse events, recommending any available financial assistance programs, and empowering patients to overcome any emotional or other barriers to their treatment.