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Sales representatives

Our highly educated team of PhDs, MDs, pharmacists, nurses, and other life science experts engages with physicians and other healthcare practitioners (HCPs) on a specific brand and/or disease area.

Our Disease Specialists (sales representatives) integrate closely with your field and/or remote teams to enable a targeted multichannel sales capability.

Treatment initiation

A customized model to fit your business needs

We recruit top talent based on the exact needs of your brand, provide state-of-the art training, ongoing management and mentoring, and the latest technology infrastructure in order to allow you to:

  • Scale-up quickly for a new drug launch, and scale down as your product mix evolves and resources need to be redeployed
  • Effectively and efficiently supplement your in-house team to broaden your reach - for example by targeting different HCP specialties than your core audience, reaching practitioners in remote geographies, etc.

Our Disease Specialists are supported by our state-of-the-art technology and CRM infrastructure that is powered by AI and provides relevant insights and analytics into your markets and stakeholders.